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‘Extreme Cougar spouses’ Digs to the relationships arena of senior Women, men

‘Extreme Cougar spouses’ Digs to the relationships arena of senior Women, men

‘Extreme Cougar spouses’ follows older women as they date young males.

Female regarding Prowl at Cougar meeting

“i am confident, i am gorgeous, I’m loving and that I’ve never had an inconvenience.”

That’s Hattie. She’s are a 76-year-old girl exactly who really loves young males. She stated the youngest guy she have actually ever slept with was 18.

“i make love about first date,” she mentioned.

Following you will find Stephanie, a 65-year-old lady who’s dating 28-year-old Octavio, and 54-year-old Jude and 21-year-old Kevin, who made a decision to have actually a commitment ceremony.

“The sex,” stated Jude, as Kevin extra. “I will always remember the first time, was actually completely remarkable.”

These courageous ladies consented to lay out their unique strange appreciation resides in a bold TLC show, “severe Cougar spouses,” possible special showcasing cougar-cub relations. From inside the Nov. 25 unique, which airs at 10 p.m. ET on TLC, audience can meet Hattie, Jude along with her enthusiast, Kevin, and Stephanie together boyfriend Octavio.

“For me, this really is whom i will be,” Octavio said. “i prefer elderly lady, and I can’t do anything regarding it.”

But cougar-cub connections include progressively usual. There are cougar conventions, cougar online dating sites — it’s an evergrowing niche. Did Ashton and Demi beginning the pattern? Listen, the fantasy extends back to Mrs. Robinson, and who can forget Stifler’s mom in “US cake.”

Stephanie mentioned she got partnered to men her very own get older consistently until he died, sadly.

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